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KSG Frontline Investments Group is comprised of Templeton Equity, Swiss Credit & Guaranty, Swiss Credit Underwriters, Swiss Credit Equities and other KSG Frontline Investments Group affiliated partner companies.
Our senior management team has over 85 years of combined professional experience in Commercial Project Finance and Venture Capital Funding. This dynamic team has background ranging from lawyers to investment bankers, all with vast knowledge within financial institutions.

KSG Frontline Investments Group now has an insurance team which consists of highly-skilled individuals in risk-management. This allows us to provide Commercial Insurance products through Reinsurance and guarantees, along with the ability to accept business from the wholesale insurance broker community.
Our professionalism and confidentiality towards our clients over the years has allowed us to work with both government organizations, public-listed companies, professional service providers, and private project owners.

We believe Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure must be maintained at all times and is essential to business today. We do not use our clients or their information to obtain new business, by disclosing their information to any other third parties.
Our leadership and reputation in the industry has never been stronger in our history than it is today. As a result we have established many long-term partnerships. Additionally we provide underwriting for commercial funding and related Reinsurance projects to non-affiliated financial and insurance entities.

Your Project. We Fund.

Stanley Reed

Stanley Reed is the Founder and CEO of KSG Frontline Investments Group.
His huge wealth of experience and reservoir of knowledge span across 30 years of dedication to client satisfaction in Private Equity, Portfolio Management, Asset Acquisition & Management and advisory.

Prior to founding KSG Frontline Investments Group, Reed consulted for firms like McKinsey and Co. and A.T Kearney.
Since its founding, KSG Frontline Investments Group, under the leadership of Stanley Reed, has helped several individual and corporate clients scale through some of the toughest financial and management storms and has also helped achieve fundings, cumulatively worth several billions of dollars for clients in different parts of the world.

His Specialties include Deal Structuring, Negotiation and execution. Financial and operational turnarounds.

Greg Rollins

Greg Rollins is the CFO of KSG Frontline Investments Group, a special situations investment and advisory firm with staff and partners the world over.
He has over 24 years experience in private equity, executive management and advisory, and has successfully managed corporate turnarounds, cost reductions and restructurings.

He was a co-founder of a New York based private equity fund and led a full turnaround of a private equity owned company from near bankruptcy to public listing. Over the course of his career, he has been directly involved with hundreds of projects, with a cumulative value worth Billions of Dollars, in different continents.

He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a B.Sc., with Highest Honors, in Finance from Drexel University. He speaks four European languages.

"Funding was our main issue and had stalled our project expansion. During our search, we found out many lenders were unwilling to lend. Still, we searched, and luckily, we came across KSG Frontline Investments Group. We decided to give it a shot because what did we have to lose? But it was worth it. We contacted them and got a timely response after submitting an application. Needless to say we got the funding after agreeing to the terms and signing documents.
" - Maryland, USA
Maria Richardson
Project Owner Testimonial
“I have been working with and presenting my clients to KSG Frontline Investments Group for the past 8 years. Before then, a colleague had recommended them during an office meeting. In the course of doing business with the company, my clients and I have amassed considerable wealth accrued from the partnerships, and we have without fail gotten funding when required for our projects. The catch is, with KSG Frontline Investments Group, you have to adhere to the terms and conditions, and you are good to go. I was impressed with the fact that they are willing to take calculated risks many investment companies might shy away from. Kudos and looking forward to more deals with KSG Frontline Investments Group!” - Malacca City, Malaysia
Ahmad Siti
Broker Testimonial

Once you submit your clients’ application, we will get you registered as the introducer / broker.

Yes, we will honor any signed commission agreement you have with your client which will be paid in full at completion.

We respect and honor all forms of confidentialities.  All your dealings with KSG Frontline Investments Group are protected under our own strict confidentiality policy which meets industry standards.

It is our policy when working with insurance companies or financial institutions to grant special trade wholesale rates to them. So, yes we offer these special rates too.

It can take 90 days subject to your cooperation in a timely manner.

We are direct lenders and investors who have our own private funds. You deal only with KSG Frontline Investments Group.

Yes, there are fees involved. The fees ONLY become payable when your project has been approved for entry into our fund. At that point a Commitment to Fund will be issued. Upon acceptance, a fee becomes due.

No, these fees are a non-refundable expense incurred by KSG Frontline Investments Group and are not a profit. The fees are to cover the following: compliance, underwriting to a commitment with document issuance and legal costs to prepare a 36-page contract and issue. If an applicant did not cover these fees then their investment into the transaction would be zero.

No, following the review of your project information, we would advise whether we have interest or not. If yes, then once our procedure is followed and adhered to, you would be approved.

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