"Funding was our main issue and had stalled our project expansion. During our search, we found out many lenders were unwilling to lend. Still, we searched, and luckily, we came across KSG Frontline Investments Group. We decided to give it a shot because what did we have to lose? But it was worth it. We contacted them and got a timely response after submitting an application. Needless to say we got the funding after agreeing to the terms and signing documents.
" - Maryland, USA
Maria Richardson
Project Owner Testimonial
“I have been working with and presenting my clients to KSG Frontline Investments Group for the past 8 years. Before then, a colleague had recommended them during an office meeting. In the course of doing business with the company, my clients and I have amassed considerable wealth accrued from the partnerships, and we have without fail gotten funding when required for our projects. The catch is, with KSG Frontline Investments Group, you have to adhere to the terms and conditions, and you are good to go. I was impressed with the fact that they are willing to take calculated risks many investment companies might shy away from. Kudos and looking forward to more deals with KSG Frontline Investments Group!” - Malacca City, Malaysia
Ahmad Siti
Broker Testimonial
"It is with great pleasure that we recommend KSG Frontline Investments Group to others looking to secure project funding. Our group, Zeal Solutions International, was able to qualify and further meet the necessary requirements to obtain funding by KSG Frontline Investments Group. We can now see the realization of our project and we are looking forward to working with KSG Frontline Investments Group on future projects. "
James Burnet,
New Zealand
"Getting funding for a startup like mine was always going to be a challenge for a number of reasons – being a startup, having little brand recognition, and where I was located. But I reached out to several investment companies regardless, and two responded favorably. I chose KSG Frontline Investments Group because they have the best package I required and excellent customer service. I would recommend!"
John Makena
"I needed to acquire a property which would also double as my business premises but I was short on funds. My husband and I had pulled together what we had but it wasn’t enough so we reached out to just about any funding company we could search as our credit score is very good. Long story short, we are proud owners of a highrise office building, and we have KSG Frontline Investments Group to thank! Looking forward to more partnerships."
Maria Rodriguez
"We needed insurance without issues. Many of the companies we contacted had very high premiums and relatively low payouts, and my partner and I felt the rewards weren’t worth the payments. Still, we searched with high hopes as we required insurance. During a dinner party, a family friend who had used KSG Frontline Investments Group recommended them and we decided to contact the company. I’m glad we did!"
Bill McKenzie
"We had just broken even as a company and we felt we needed to expand so needed funding to do so. From our calculations, we were projected to do well and all we required was a finance establishment willing to take the risk on us which we felt was worth it. As usual, many of such company are always skeptical about financing which isn’t multinational but we were willing to open all our books to prove we were worth the risk. KSG Frontline Investments Group took that risk with us and it is paying off. We are forever thankful and grateful for the funding. I’m already recommending them and I suggest you get onboard too."
Piere Jean

Our Company

KSG Frontline Investments Group is comprised of Templeton Equity, Swiss Credit & Guaranty, Swiss Credit Underwriters, Swiss Credit Equities and other KSG Frontline Investments Group affiliated partner companies.

Our senior management team has over 85 years of combined professional experience in Commercial Project Finance and Venture Capital Funding. This dynamic team has background ranging from lawyers to investment bankers, all with vast knowledge within financial institutions.

Our Offices

  • 1401 Broadway #2919, New York, NY 10018, United States
  • Talstrasse 80, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland
  • Torre B Piso 12 , Torre de las Americas , Punta Pacifica, Panama City , Panama