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Get 100 % Project Funding and Investments






JV Venture Capital Project Funding Program

Venture Capital 60/40 program to give 100% financing

• A 60% loan and a 40% purchase of shares in project company.
• Interest rates on loan for USD 4.95% or on Euro 3.96%. or on GBP 3.96%
• Maximum term for loan 10 years.
• Interest only payments on loan.

Government Funding Programs

• Refinancing of Debt.
• Expansion and Growth Capital.
• Competitive Rates.
• Sovereign Guarantee

Worldwide Commercial Project Finance

Liquid Debt Equity Funding

• 50% Funding.
• 50% Equity.
• 50% Profit Split.
• No Maximum Term Length.

Commercial Mortgages

• Loan to value 80%.
• Interest rates for USD 8.5% or Euro 7.5%.
• Maximum term 15 years.
• Payments Capital and Interest.

Refinance of existing asset backed security

• Loan to value 80%.
• Interest rates for USD 8.5% or Euro 7.5%.
• Maximum term 15 years.
• Payments Capital and Interest.

Builders Developers Loans for Real Estate Projects

• New or existing developments.
• Loan for land purchase 60% of value or 85% development.
• Loan term 15 years. Interest rate on USD 8.5% or Euro 7.5%.

The borrowers are required to pay all costs involved within the program.
KSG Frontline Investments Group stands out among project finance lenders with a proven track record of providing commercial project finance and worldwide venture capital. Contact us to learn how we can help you.


KSG Frontline Investments Group - Insurance | Capital | Indemnity

KSG Frontline Investments Group Insurance

Our goal at KSG Frontline Investments Group is to write Specialty Lines Insurance where the more difficult and unusual risks are written. The Excess and Surplus Lines Insurance coverage for commercial and industrial construction risks within small to middle-market accounts worldwide, across a broad array of contractor classes.
This type of insurance requires a high degree of expertise and experience which our team of specialists can help and advise the type of coverage and plan best suited to your individual risk profile.
We offer up to 10 million USD|EURO over general liability policies of standard insurance companies.

KSG Frontline Investments Group Capital

This sector specializes in providing customized Credit Enhancement solutions, including the issuance of Financial Guarantees, Surety Bonds, and Wrapped Securities to our private clients.
No matter your financial or capital requirements, our creative team will analyze your individual transactional specifications and create a solution just for you.

KSG Frontline Investments Group Indemnity

The KSG Frontline Investments Group Indemnity consultants are experienced in providing clients with Payment and Performance Bonds. These bonds are backed by our Reinsurance partners or one of our associated AAA-rated and Treasury Listed banks.
Subject to legal restrictions, which may be applicable in certain instances by virtue of local law, our consultants are prepared to negotiate and execute in all legal territories and major markets around the world. No matter what your current bonding situation is, we can improve the amount of surety credit currently available to your company even if you have been declined by another surety agency or company.

Contact KSG Frontline Investments Group to learn more about its commercial project finance opportunities. As project finance lenders with more than 24 years of worldwide venture capital experience. We can help you bring life to your project.


KSG Frontline Investments Group - Investments

Mutual Funds

Our funds provide a steady stream of income to investors by investing in high quality, short-term money market instruments and government securities.

Private Investor

We act as trusted advisors to high networth clients to assist them in building and managing their wealth with their overall objectives in mind.

Institutional Investor

We manage investment mandates for our institutional clients, including corporations, insurance companies, trusts, pension funds and government agencies.

Contact KSG Frontline Investments Group to learn more about its commercial project finance opportunities. As project finance lenders with more than 24 years of worldwide venture capital experience. We can help you bring life to your project.

Assets Acquisition

• Real Estate • Inventory • WIP • Accounts Receivable • Intellectual Property

KSG Frontline Investments Group- Assets Acquisition

A full complement of Acquisition, Disposition and Refinance solutions are available to our clients at KSG Frontline Investments Group. With the experience of our seasoned associates, our well-established network of buyers, and the financial backing of KSG Frontline Investments Group, we can offer this straight-forward alternative, simplifying the monetization process for the client and guaranteeing a positive result up front.

We will take the time to study your asset mix and structure a detailed offering. We also often develop a strategy and an "all-inclusive" package for assets other than Machinery and Equipment such as: • Real Estate • Inventory • WIP • Accounts Receivable, and; • Intellectual Property.

These complex situations are where KSG Frontline Investments Group offers value above all of our competitors. Of course, KSG Frontline Investments Group will gladly work under the compensation arrangement that best suits the circumstances. In fact, we often structure arrangements involving aspects of several options.

Once you submit your clients’ application, we will get you registered as the introducer / broker.

Yes, we will honor any signed commission agreement you have with your client which will be paid in full at completion.

We respect and honor all forms of confidentialities.  All your dealings with KSG Frontline Investments Group are protected under our own strict confidentiality policy which meets industry standards.

It is our policy when working with insurance companies or financial institutions to grant special trade wholesale rates to them. So, yes we offer these special rates too.

It can take 90 days subject to your cooperation in a timely manner.

We are direct lenders and investors who have our own private funds. You deal only with KSG Frontline Investments Group.

Yes, there are fees involved. The fees ONLY become payable when your project has been approved for entry into our fund. At that point a Commitment to Fund will be issued. Upon acceptance, a fee becomes due.

No, these fees are a non-refundable expense incurred by KSG Frontline Investments Group and are not a profit. The fees are to cover the following: compliance, underwriting to a commitment with document issuance and legal costs to prepare a 36-page contract and issue. If an applicant did not cover these fees then their investment into the transaction would be zero.

No, following the review of your project information, we would advise whether we have interest or not. If yes, then once our procedure is followed and adhered to, you would be approved.

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